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We provide multidimensional support to entrepreneurs and their businesses across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Our team and network of experts have either built their own businesses, or have specific experience and expertise in multiple areas related to building a successful business. This includes – but is not limited to! – strategic planning, raising investment, building efficient & effective operations, sales, marketing and team building. We select and exclusive group of 10-15 businesses for each of our 10-month programs. The entrepreneurs behind these businesses are innovative industry pioneers who observe the status quo, but envision something better. They recognise the space for transformation; they are makers, doers, and shakers. We work closely in partnership to support them to create the world they imagine. Since late 2013, we have worked with 37 businesses from across East Africa who have (to date) raised over $15 million in funding, created more than 1000 jobs and meaningfully benefited the lives of more than 1 million people.

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December 7, 2018